The Telémaco robot is an explosives deactivation robot designed in collaboration with the Spanish security forces.

Telemachus can also perform NRBQ (Nuclear Radiological Biological Biological Chemical) missions. It carries on board chemical and radiological sensors and it is possible to incorporate any type of additional sensor.

Explosives deactivation

EOD Mission

  • ABL-2000 Disruptor Cannon
  • Deactivation procedure validated by CID
  • 6GDL robotic arm assisted manipulation
  • Suitcase remote control unit (RCU)


CBRN Mission

  • Integrated Rad-Eye radiological sensor
  • Chempro 100i integrated chemical sensor
  • UCM integrated sensor telemetry
  • 3GDL observation module on arm


CBRN Mission

  • Possibility of decontamination. IP-66
  • Robust design and no external wiring
  • Tactical communications with military specification
  • Front loading shovels for handling


and supports

  • Army - International Demining Center (IDC)
  • Guardia Civil - TEDAX
  • Unit 1 NBC - Valencia
  • National Police - TEDAX

360º view