The Watchbot Surveillance robot is an autonomous robot capable of performing the necessary security tasks in any type of installation. It is able to detect intruders, smoke or fire.

It can be remotely controlled and planned from our cloud platform called AUROS.


Intrusion detection

improved safety

  • Detection and verification of persons.
  • Classification of intruders / workers.
  • Smoke and fire detection.
  • Automatic sending of alerts to AUROS, email or SMS.

Autonomous Navigation


  • Generation, management of points and supervision rounds.
  • Scheduling of surveillance or inspection tasks.
  • Automatic reloading dockstation.
  • Stand-alone operation without the need for communications.

Remote control

from cloud AUROS

  • Secure access through AWS, two-factor.
  • Fleet, user and privilege level management.
  • Operations planning, teleoperation and supervision.
  • Management of notifications, diagnostics and alerts.

Operating environment

extreme conditions

  • Structured or unstructured indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Day and night operation.
  • Extreme humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Modular 4G and local secure communications.

More information?

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360º view

watchbot surveillance